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Divider - EP

On Divider, Kodomo incorporates Electro, Downtempo, and Ambient genres, culminating in a sound that is cinematic as it is driving. The approaches have shifted too, with Child recording most of his own percussion sounds and leaving the sampling to exclusively textural elements.  “As fun as it can be to use drums I’ve sampled in a track, it tends to lock the track in a particular direction.  Recording and playing my own percussion sounds gave way to a myriad of unexpected ideas, and also allowed me to think about what I actually wanted in there.” 

The EP was recorded on and off from the end of 2015 to the end of 2016.  Continually fascinated by happenstance within his synth filled studio, Kodomo setup his equipment in various ways with the aim to come up with unexpected results.  The recorded material was then fed through software and hardware in his studio, creating dense layers upon which he would sculpt his arrangements. 

Divider ia available digitally, on a limited 180 gram clear white vinyl edition of 100, and on a limited CD run of 80.  The EP is also available as a quad audio release, fully mixed in surround by Kasson Crooker.  The intention of the surround release was to explore the sonic possibilities inherent in the production, adding a whole new listening dimension to the songs.

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  • Date: 06/28/2017
  • Label: Kodomo
  • Catalog number: K-011

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