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The new LP is a masterpiece in modern IDM, consisting of re-contextualized samples, mostly of the classical variety, found at various record stores and flea markets in Brooklyn, his new home

From the strange glitch-based softcore drum n bass of of “Red Giant,” to the minimal sound installation of “Orange Ocean,” the chill out of “Infinity Divided” and Trip Hop lethargically electro of “Holographic,” these songs will embody you with a new sense of reality.

"Orange Ocean," was given remix treatment by Anstam (who toured with Modeselektor and is on their label), who turns the IDM into something murkier and heavier

Beginning with a playful bell melody and a set of light pads, Loscil's rework gradually opens up, its elements expanding the sonic field as reverb and delay are added to nearly every corner of the track's dense aural landscape

If warm contemplative synths are something you're in the market for, stay a while. The water is fine.

Mind Like a Diamond is another great IDM track. A little bit darker than usual, with clattering, skippy beats and that Japanese air that permeates so much of his work. Class.

Brooklyn’s own Kodomo sounds like he stems from the more relatable side of the clicks + cuts camp, especially on his new “Mind Like a Diamond” single.

There’s an awareness of the world that permeates the music

Chris Child, recording as Kodomo, takes a sound-set steeped in the ordinary noises of everday life and kneads them into new shapes to put together in this constantly shifting, always engaging CD. Heavy on the jerky rhythms of glitch and, as noted, giving deep debt to dubstep, Frozen in Motion is stocked full of ear-catching moments

The momentum of the initial composition on Frozen In Motion will immediately bring listeners in to Kodomo’s psyche. A chattering, busy sort of sound works alongside atmospheric compositions, moving to a slower and more deliberate feel after the break.

The remix of September Sun by Lumia is a perfect introduction to Kodomo, as it will immediately showcase the emotive force that are typically present in his recordings. I personally like the seemingly conflicting electronic feel and heaviness that is established here...

Child combines gritty electronics, sweeping soundscapes and acoustic components, and if the mood is fairly subdued throughout, his well defined soundscapes contribute to the album’s overall cinematic feel. Child appears much more confident here. He is more daring in his sound choices and finds a much more personal voice, away from beaten tracks.

I thought the tracks last time were good, this is an improvement. Less bound by the reference points. Perfect for Ambient Sunday.

Et on termine avec notre ami Kodomo, on en a déjà parler, j’aime beaucoup pour ma part et le voici revenir avec un nouvel EP : September Sun. Toujours dans un esprit ultra IDM avec des nappes sublimes et un côté glitch parfaitement intégré, ce nouvel EP est une petite perle. Une track originale et 3 remixs de Shigeto, Lumia et Symbion Project, le tout pour un ensemble relaxant et prenant. Ca sort le 25 Octobre, en attendant, vous pouvez écouter l’originale ! Translation: And we finish with our friend kodomo, we've talked about him before, he's back with a new EP. The remixes demonstrate the spirit of IDM, incorporating sublime textures and glitchy beats. It is an absolute jewel, both relaxing and mesmerizing.

Kodomo heeft voor de Eclectro lezers een track beschikbaar gesteld. De titeltrack van het album is hieronder te luisteren en/of downloaden. Bevalt het? Neem dan een kijkje op de site van Kodomo voor het volledige album.

Hajime has more of the Boards of Canada crossed with Orbital feel. It is held together by a slow piano melody, which uses the sad effects of Moby on Play. A superior track.

Frozen In Motion" es un álbum espectacular, un trabajo que se basa en la captura de sonidos de la vida urbana diaria, ya sean sonidos de metros, calles, puentes o tráfico y se le manipula y se le agregan bases electrónicas, armonías ambientales y escapes de sonido. Kodomo es una interesante propuesta en la que se saben conjugar elementos muy orgánicos y se les hace sonar plásticamente. Disfrútenlo

Not unlike a missed gem from early Groove Armada cutting room floor, Child has taken the conventional rules of electric and trip hop music and sprinkled his own artistic flurry to make it his own.

From danceable but cerebral tracks to out-and-out ambient, "Still Life" is an open-sounding twilight of aural auras, an exercise in mood(s). The visual tie-in brings a new dimension to it, and it makes perfect sense.

Trust me, this study on texture and visual patterns and what have you will straighten you out after a night with Kaya on 420 at Terrapin Station.

Natürlich fehlt es nicht am elektronischen Pep. Schon beim ersten Titel fängt mein Herz wieder an zu pochen; Hajime ist ein wunderschönes Lied, ein grandioser Einstiegstitel in das neue Album!

Decoder isn’t the squeeling heavy bass drop that a lot of dubstep moshers crave – yet slam this on your MP3 player and no doubt you’ll get your head nod on.

Dutch dubstep aficionado Emanuel Bender, aka WhiteNoise, takes on Kodomo's latest single "Decoder" off Frozen in Motion. The 22-year-old beatsmith adds some intricate echoes and synth elements to the fun and provides the tune with some extra bass twist.

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