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Descent' nails it. This is a song about sinking into the depths. Big bass pads feel like ancient homing beacons in the distance, and I can see the darkness giving way to light as the meandering, bent up melody explores deeper and deeper into the abyss. The tune just keeps drifting, until there's nothing left at the end

On “Son,” he puts all his considerable talents on display, building from a warped bass-bend groove to an explosion of sparkling arpeggiated synth and back again with a cinematic command of tension and emotion.

Kodomo’s “Divider EP” offers a truly immersive experience, one that sculpts surreal worlds that teem with life. Right at the center of everything beats drive the songs forward

an ebullient synth-driven track that, like the best narrative, lands in an unexpected place.

a chilly and uneasily-pulsating cloud of electric ambient fog

Having given it a fair few listens now, I’m convinced this is Kodomo’s best work since 2008’s Still Life.

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