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/ 08.28.2017 Sound Lab Review - Divider EP

A review of my new EP Divider from Sound Lab Magazine

/ 08.16.2017 Ravlin Magazine Interview

An in-depth interview I did with Ravlin Magazine talking about my new EP Divider

/ 08.06.2017 AV Club Review - Divider EP

Thank You AV Club for the kind words!

/ 08.02.2017 Beach Sloth Review - Divider EP

Thank You Beach Sloth for the kind words!

/ 06.29.2017 Out Now - Divider EP

I'm pleased to announce the official release of my new EP Divider.  The EP is now available digitally, and on a limited run of 80 CDs, featuring artwork from Bryan Graf's Lattice Series.  The limited 180 gram clear white vinyl edition will start shipping around mid September.  Divider is available directly from Kodomo and on Bandcamp, and in all digital stores.

/ 06.20.2017 Big Shot Magazine Premier - HEL from Divider EP

Thank you Big Shot Magainze premieres HEL from my upcoming EP Divider, out June 30th

/ 05.22.2017 Tiny Mix Tapes Review -  Storm King

Thank You Tiny Mix Tapes for this nice review!

/ 05.21.2017 Interview With Euphonics

Really enjoyed answering these thoughtful questions from Euphonics - Thank You!

/ 05.21.2017 Euphonics Review - Divider EP

Thank You Euphonics for this nice nice review of my upcoming EP Divider

/ 05.16.2017 Upcoming Release - Divider EP - Pre-Order Now On Bandcamp

I'm excited to announce the upcoming release of my new EP Divider set for release June 30th.  Divider was recorded from the end of 2015 through the end of 2016 and features 7 new songs.  The EP is available for pre-order digitally, and on a limited run of only 80 CDs.  The EP will also be available on a limited clear vinyl edition (100) which will be available for pre-order exclusively on bandcamp.  Due to the backlog of vinyl manufacturing, we cannot guarantee shipping dates as of now.

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